About Us



James is the designer/builder at Delta-Sound Electronics. He is completing his degree in electrical engineering and has a background in the music industry ranging from; gigs, touring, studio work and teaching. He has always been quite ‘tweaky’ around sound, ever since he received his first proper amp for Christmas aged 14, and he has aimed to get the most out of gear. This has led him down the path of effects pedals and aspiring to make devices that inspire musicians to create exciting sounds. If you’re ‘tweaky’ like him or just want to get good sounds then check out our pedals!


Rosie is the Delta-Sound creative elf. Whilst she doesn’t have explicit roles, she somehow manages to keep incredibly busy with designing the epoxy artwork on the cases and all the backend business stuff that keeps us all going. Rosie comes from a very arty and creative background but also has a love for the environment. This makes her incredibly valuable to us as she has made a range of contributions such as; helping to advise the business into more sustainable directions and even carving stamps for our packaging.

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