We are incredibly proud and excited to release «Delta-Vibe» – an authentic recreation of the Shin-ei® Uni-Vibe®

After 2 years of work, endless prototypes, and a lot of rubbish sounding pedals, we have found the secret recipe to amazing sounding Vibes. In comparing many of the available Vibes, old and new, including an actual original Shin-ei® Uni-Vibe®, we picked out exactly what we did and didn’t like from each one, and the tone-chase began. It became immediately apparent that everything you read on the internet is basically wrong and that the equation was much more complicated than at first glance. Through a process of understanding exactly what is going on under the hood, and reducing down the variables, we settled on that ‘Machine Gun live at Fillmore East’ kinda vibe (pun intended), which has a really ‘complex’ sound to it, especially in the high end response, and a kind of watery, almost flangey quality. What we have produced is as close as we are possibly able to achieve, sticking as closely to the original Vibe circuit, using discrete NOS transistors, lamp and photocell circuitry, and handmatching critical capacitors and photocells. 



«Delta-Vibe» is a classic Uni-Vibe® circuit. It is able to achieve all the lush, watery, and most importantly, throbby sounds of the original. Pair it with a fuzz or an overdriving amp (or both!) for pseudo-detuned, asymmetric, seasick loveliness.

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«Delta-Vibe» Demo Videos

Chris Buck «Delta-Vibe» Playthrough